World Contraception Day 2019

Welcome to our World Contraception Day 2019! This is an important date in the Natural Cycles’ calendar, and this year we have lots going on. Find out what’s happening At Natural Cycles and join us on our mission to empower women with knowledge, as we open up the conversation about birth control choice.

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What is World Contraception Day?

Founded in 2007, World Contraception Day takes place on the 26th of September every year. The global campaign raises awareness of birth control and pushes for better education when it comes to sexual and reproductive health.

Why is contraceptive choice important?

  • Research shows that making an informed choice about birth control allows  you to take better care of yourself
  • Our contraceptive needs change for a variety of reasons, so it’s important to know your options
  • Being able to choose from the full range methods encourages consistent and effective use of birth control*

World Contraception Day and Natural Cycles

A lack of education around reproductive health has led to a global knowledge gap. This includes knowledge around the effectiveness of different birth control, as well as the different effects they have on our bodies. There is still a real stigma when it comes to discussing birth control. This silence is fueled by misinformation and restricted access to spaces where we can learn and discuss contraception. And so a lack of education around birth control continues.

We think it’s time this stops. At Natural Cycles, we believe in more birth control choice, and this World Contraception Day we are promoting awareness of different birth control options. While Natural Cycles gives you a unique understanding of your own body, putting you in control, we believe more education is also needed around reproductive health in general. Add your voice to the chorus – let’s talk about more options, end the silence of stigma and raise awareness about our unique relationship with birth control.

What is Natural Cycles?

Natural Cycles provides a method of birth control in the form of an app. Hormone-free and based around your unique cycle. Our mission at Natural Cycles is to pioneer women’s health with research and passion – by empowering every woman with the knowledge that she needs to take charge of her health.

Effectiveness table showing the perfect and typical use effectiveness for a range of different birth control methods.

What you can do this World Contraception Day

We want to talk…. But it’s not always easy to speak about our bodies or our birth control. We have created a way in which every woman can feel comfortable talking about her choice and the importance of having easy access to birth control. The basic science of birth control is keeping an egg away from a sperm. Discover how this works with different birth control methods and let us know how you like your eggs?

Many of us are much happier talking about brunch than birth control. We think it’s high time to change that. On 26 September, we’ll be kicking off World Contraception Day with a breakfast panel, where we’ll discuss all things birth control over a plate of eggs. For the following 15 days, we invite you to post your best brunch photos, opening up the conversation around how you like your eggs, we’ll be reposting the best photos and captions.

Are you ready to take our World Contraception Day challenge?

  1. Take a photo of your weird, wonderful or just plain ordinary breakfast eggs and tag @NaturalCycles
  2. Tell us about your experience with birth control, and
  3. Forward the question to your community to open up the conversation and remove taboos by asking them “How do you like #youreggs?

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