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Natural Cycles Reviews: Our Cyclers

We caught up with some of the women who are waking up to Natural Cycles every morning. Read about their genuine love for the app and how it has impacted their lives.

For me, it’s perfectly reasonable to make an effort and adapt to changes so that I can feel good.

I run my own company, we design yoga clothing that embraces african design and I also teach yoga classes. I’m 26 years old and live together with my boyfriend. It’s been almost 2 years since I started with Natural Cycles, after reading an article about it.

I distinctly remember it catching my attention right then and there and feeling a little shocked because I thought that this method should have existed years ago! In today’s society, we are living with incredible strains on our bodies and I was attracted by the idea of getting to know my cycles just as they are.

I did not feel that it was difficult in the beginning, nor a big adjustment to start taking my temperature every morning. I really wanted it to work, so I’ve

been dedicated from the start.

For me, it’s perfectly reasonable to make an effort and adapt to changes so that I can feel good.

Today, I feel healthier than ever. Every time my period comes I’m happy to see that my body works as it should and that I have Natural Cycles to keep me on my healthy track. Together with Natural Cycles and the menstrual cup I have more respect for my body and feel that my female self is absolutely fantastic.

- Maya, Entrepreneur & Yoga teacher

I love Natural Cycles, I’ve learned so much about my body in the last year.

I’ve tried different types of contraception (everything from the pill to the ring and the patch) and even if they worked fine, I felt uncomfortable putting hormones into my body. When a friend told me about Natural Cycles, I felt like this is something I should give a try.

Because I’m in a relationship, it was important for me that my partner felt that this was a good idea too. We both take effectiveness into consideration, and although he was skeptical at first, we decided to give it a try.

It only took one menstrual cycle for the app to detect my ovulation, which I felt was unbelievably fast since I had been on hormonal contraception before.

I got to know my body and just how regular my menstrual cycle is, and with it came the understanding of my moods and emotions throughout my cycle.

It has now been a year and a half since I started using Natural Cycles and it feels amazing! I never have to feel stressed about forgetting to take a pill or that I need to change the patch – I just get more red days when I haven’t been consistent with measuring, and also I no longer have a migraine which the hormonal contraceptive gave me.

I recommend Natural Cycles to all of my friends and often pull out my phone to show them how it works and explain how your temperature is connected to your menstrual cycles and how you can use it to get to know your body better. I love Natural Cycles, I’ve learned so much about my body in the last year.

- Sofie

Contraception plays more of an equal role in our relationship now

I’m 24 years old and I’ve been married about three years now. Currently, I’m studying to become a ‘careers counselor’. After years of taking the pill, I started to think about how they might be affecting my body. Using hormonal contraception was not an active choice, I just haven’t found an alternative that I felt would suit me better. I found Natural Cycles online and have now used it for six months.

The app found my ovulation after a couple of weeks, which I was surprised about. Ever since, I’ve been very consistent with measuring my temperature and doing the LH-tests, and can now very clearly see my unique cycle. Natural Cycles has fascinated me and changed the way I think about my body. It feels great to get to know your cycle and have a peace of mind in knowing how it works. Now I can really see how my mind is affected depending on where I am in my cycle and can treat myself when I have PMS.

The app is slick, the messages are informative and cheer you on as well as the personal support which is a great privilege. Being able to live without hormonal contraception and still have an effective method – that really suits me. It feels like it’s more in line with my personal values and letting my body be in the most natural state as possible.

Contraception plays more of an equal role in our relationship now, since none of us have to take hormonal contraception. Another reason that I am proud and happy user of Natural Cycles is because of all their research in women’s reproductive and sexual health, which I love to help out with!

- Janine, Student

It’s simple, hormone free, and all the info I need fits in my pocket.

I’m a regional manager for a clothing brand for women, 28 years old and live together with my partner and our one-year old daughter. I first heard about Natural Cycles from friends, and read about it online. What made me want to start with it is because it is a hormone-free alternative.

I have now used it for about six months and I like it alot. It is a safe and easy way to chart your cycle – I measure my temperature every day and enter it in the app – easy as that. It feels great to know exactly where in the cycle I am.

I know my body so well now, that I usually feel signs of my period or ovulation coming up, and Natural Cycles always confirms it.

The best thing about Natural Cycles is that it’s simple, hormone free, and that all the info I need fits in my pocket.

- Matilda, Regional Manager