About data protection

At Natural Cycles our Cyclers are more important to us than anything else, so we think the more protection everyone has, the better. You trust us with some of the most personal data that you have which makes us very grateful and proud! We assure you that we handle your data with the care and responsibility it deserves. In our Privacy Policy, you can read all the details.
What data are we collecting in the app and what is it used for?
We save all the data that you put into the app so you can see it and so the algorithm can work on your fertility status. The app will inform you when and if you can get pregnant based on the data you add to it. The more data you add, the more accurate the app will be.
Health data
Our algorithm will analyse the following to calculate your fertility status:
  • Temperature
  • Menstruation
  • Spotting (Bleeding that is not menstruation)
  • Ovulation test results​
Pregnancy test data
Natural Cycles will use pregnancy test results to analyse your cycle and calculate your pregnancy status.
Intercourse data
When you log sex Natural Cycles will use it to be able to calculate how safe the app is.
For our research, we anonymise your data by removing any information that can be used for the identification of individual people.