My order has not arrived

If your order has yet to arrive, it can be due to a couple of reasons as listed below.

1. The Estimated time of arrival hasn't passed yet
Up to 6 business days within Sweden and the UK
Up to 8 business days to the rest of Europe
Up to 30 business days to the rest of the world

If you have ordered within the estimated time of arrival, please remain patient. The package is most likely in the process at the postal service and is about to get delivered.

2.  A c/o name is needed
If you have chosen to get the package to be delivered to an address that you are not registered on or do not have your name on the mailbox, the postal service will not be able to deliver the package correctly. The postal workers are not allowed to deliver packages to address where the recipient's name is not corresponding to the one on the mailbox.

3. The customs
Due to the thermometer being a medical device some customs take a bit longer than expected to process so this might prolong the delivery time.

4. Missing address information
If there is some missing information that has not been entered at the time of purchase, such as street number, correct zip/postal code or state/province info. Then, unfortunately, the package may not be delivered, as the postal service will not know where to deliver.

5. Got lost in the mail
Sometimes, very rarely, the package simply gets lost during transit. This is quite rare, but this does happen.

If you have been waiting longer than the estimated shipping time or you realize that you have entered an incorrect address, please contact our Support team and we will help you sort this out. Ensure that you always include your full postal address when contacting us regarding your order.

We are, unfortunately, not able to affect postal services nor customs, but we are working hard to be able to deliver the thermometer quicker to our users around the world. We are currently looking into opening logistics
centers across the globe to cut down the delivery time, so hopefully, in a near future, we will be able to.

For more shipping information, please read more here.