Do I need to add sex data?

Many Cyclers ask us if they need to add their sex data. And the simple answer is Yes. The benefits are many, both to you but also to us and most importantly; our Science and Research&Development teams.

Our Science and R&D teams use the data that our Cyclers add into their apps to perform the high-quality research that we do, and to, of course, improve the app and the algorithm. This enables us to perform the studies we have so far, which includes the latest clinical study that is the largest study ever performed not only on Natural Cycles but on natural contraception as of yet – which included over 22.000 women!

The benefits of adding sex data are many, as informed earlier, and more specifically:

For a Plan Cycler, it helps you know the chances of conception for each cycle, as you will know exactly when you had sex in relation to your ovulation. It will also help you analyze if you and your partner should aim for intercourse a few more times in the days leading up to ovulation or not. Every other day during the fertile (pink-red) days are recommended.

For a Prevent Cycler it helps you track how well you and your partner use protection, and also informs you on the possibility of a pregnancy should a protective method fail, or be forgotten during sex. The latter will also help you in determining whether you need to be considering an emergency contraceptive method to effectively prevent a pregnancy.

For all Cyclers, it helps you get to know your body even better! Did you know that your libido (sex drive) increases before and during ovulation? Sex drive is also a telltale of your overall health, where you may not be ‘in the mood’ as often if you are not feeling well, sleeping poorly, etc.

So, how you do add your sex data? If you open your Add Data page, you will see ‘Sex’ right above your Notes for the day. As a Prevent Cycler, you have three options: ‘Yes’, ‘Yes, with protection’, or ‘No’. For a Plan Cycler, you have two options: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

We count all your data points per calendar day, meaning from midnight to midnight. So, if you have had sex at 11 pm (23.00) you will log it for that day. If you had sex after midnight, it’s the following day’s data point.

Remember that you can always alter and add data for prior days by clicking on it in the Calendar view, or swiping left/right in Add data view.

So, what do the different options mean? For a Plan Cycler, it’s very straightforward where you only need to add whether you’ve had sex or not. For a Prevent Cycler, there is a bit more detail involved as we also need to know whether protection has been used or not.

Yes = We have had sex, and no barrier method has been used (unprotected, or withdrawal)
Yes, with protection = We have had sex, and a barrier method has been used (Condom, diaphragm, cervical diaphragm)
No = We did not have sex today

We understand that this may feel private to share, but remember that your data is anonymous. Our Science and R&D team doesn’t know your name when using the data, as all data is used in an anonymized format and most often done via algorithms and other computerized systems

Remember that Natural Cycles recommend the use of condoms on red days for our Prevent Cyclers.