How to read an LH test

We understand that it may be difficult to properly read your LH test and tell whether it's positive or negative. Below, you will find some example tests and whether they are positive or negative. These are all tests from our Cyclers.

The main rule to follow when analyzing your LH test is that the test line should be very strong, as strong as the control line or stronger. If the test line isn't as strong as the control line, then the test is negative – this is, however, a fairly difficult thing to decipher, why we are including some tests below and providing more detailed information.

Almost positive. The test line (to the right) is almost as strong as the control line (to the left) and is, therefore, a test that's hard to decipher. You can add this as a positive into the app.

test. The test line is weak. You should take another test a couple of hours later, at least 2h later and minimize the intake of fluids during this time.