Can I measure my temperature on the weekend?

This is a very common question but at the same time a very common reason for fluctuating temperatures and an unnecessary amount of red days for our Prevent users, and many pink days for our Plan user.

We recommend five temperature readings a week, specifically as we don't want you to measure when you sleep differently. You should be measuring at roughly the same time each morning, as this will give the best results and allow the app to pinpoint your fertile window properly. 

If you wish to measure on the weekends as well, you should set the alarm at the same time as on the weekdays (and go to bed around the same time) to ensure that you are giving the app accurate data. Measure at roughly the same time every morning, no more than 2 hours earlier/later than you measure during the weekdays, but also the total amount of sleep. What you can do is to set your alarm at the same time as your weekdays, measure right upon waking up, and then fall back asleep - you can read the value later.

As long as you sleep between the same hours during the night, and measure at the same time in the morning it is okay to measure when you wake up. Remember that you must always measure as soon as you wake up before you snooze, sit/get up, or check your phone, etc.

If you sleep-in on the weekend, or any other day, you must mark the temperature as deviating due to more/less sleep.