Can I use Natural Cycles if I'm in perimenopause?

What is perimenopause? 
Perimenopause is also known as the menopause transition, and is when the ovaries gradually begin to make less of the hormone estrogen. Usually, it starts in the woman’s 40s, but this is very individual.

Can I use Natural Cycles if I am perimenopausal? 
Yes you can. However, we don't have studies performed on women in peri-menopausal age, and we can therefore not make any claims regarding efficacy nor how many green days one can expect. Being a certified contraception means that we have incredibly high regulatory demands on us, we can not claim anything about our product that we can't prove - in number or clinical studies. This means that we can not claim that Natural Cycles is the optimal contraception for a woman above 45 years old, nor for a woman under the age of 18.

Will I ovulate?
Yes, but probably not as often as you did before. This means that you still can become pregnant. If you are a Prevent use, this means that you need to use protection during red days until you have not had a period for 12 months (which is when you have reached menopause) - this is also a conversation you should have with your doctor.

How many red days will I have? 
This is very individual. The app works for women in perimenopause too, just as it works for women who are not perimenopausal - if you might be fertile, you will receive a red day. But, with this in mind, Natural Cycles may not be the ideal contraception for you as you will receive many red days, during which you'll need to use a condom to effectively prevent a pregnancy.

Can I trust my green days?
Yes, you can trust the first green days you are given, as long as you see them on TODAY-view. This means that you can not rely on your prognosis to 100%, but have to check your fertility status each morning.
The app will give you green days once it can confirm that you are not fertile. This is done by either confirming that you've ovulated, or that you will not ovulate in the coming 5 days (sperm survival).
You can read more about how your temperatures tell where in your cycle you are here.

Does it affect my temperature? 
Hot flashes will make you feel warm, but your basal body temperature will be fairly intact. The heat that you are feeling is most often shallow, and not in your core. This means that it should not affect the temperature that much when you measure in the morning. However, if you feel unusually warm when you wake up, you can measure your temperature and add it as usual, but look at your graph and see if the temperature looks deviating. If so, then you can press deviating temperature, and the app will disregard it. 

I need to pee more often, including in the middle of the night. How does it affect my temperatures?
This may affect your readings and therefore your fertility status in the app. However, this is very individual and depends on if you usually do it or if it only happens from time to time. You can read all about this here.