Can I use Natural Cycles if I have diabetes?

Yes, you can use Natural Cycles if you have diabetes. However, we have not made any clinical studies regarding the use of Natural Cycles when also being diagnosed with diabetes.

Will the insulin affect my cycle or my temperature?
The basal body temperature will remain fairly steady, with small variations. However, having diabetes can affect your thyroid, and then your temperatures will be very fluctuating if not medicated. Read more about Hypothyroidism and Natural Cycles here
Your cycle will normally not be affected by diabetes, or the insulin intake. Every woman and her cycle is unique, and the length of the cycles differ from woman to woman regardless. 

I wake up during the night to get insulin, will that affect my temperature?
If you wake up the same time every day to get insulin, your body will be used to it and it will not be a problem. Just make sure that you measure after at least 4h of sleep. 
If you rarely wake up in the middle of the night, but it still happens maybe once a week, you should skip measuring that day. We recommend that you measure roughly 5 times per week, but if you only measure 4 times a few weeks here and there, this is completely fine. Read more about how and when to measure here

Will I still ovulate if I have diabetes?
Yes, you will normally still ovulate, and it will not affect your cycle. Some people experience a drop in their blood sugar level before and during their period, and also sometimes around ovulation, but that is normally all the changes they experience.