Early ovulation

What is early ovulation?
Early ovulation may occur due to some factors, all important to take into consideration when using Natural Cycles.

Shorter cycles
A shorter cycle is a cycle that lasts 21 days or less. This is not unusual, as we are all unique, but can indicate a hormonal imbalance among other things. For a Cycler with a shorter cycle, ovulation will occur sooner as the entire cycle is shorter. Ovulation always occur roughly 10-16 days before the next period (this is the luteal phase), but it's individual for every woman. So, for a woman with a shorter cycle, she may ovulate early in the cycle such as on day 7-10, which would indicate an early ovulation. The app will take this into consideration of course, why one may get red days while still on her period or from cycle day 3 and onwards.

Stress has a negative effect on the cycle, and could lead to both an earlier and a delayed ovulation, but also lead to an anovulatory cycle (where no ovulation occurs at all). This is important to keep in mind when using Natural Cycles, as the ovulation could occur sooner than expected, but also later than expected (your prediction). This is why it's important to always keep an eye on your fertility status for each day, while always using condoms on red days disregarded of what cycle day it is. Also why it's just as important to always check your fertility status for the day at all times, and remember to not view the predictions as a 100% correct as they are subject to change.

Stress is not something the algorithm knows about, nor takes into consideration, so it's very important that you try to limit the stress and take it into account when tracking your fertility and preventing or planning a pregnancy. Doing calming exercises such as walks, yoga, and pilates could help with reducing stress,  as well as help with regulating your cycle.

Prior use of hormonal contraception
It is not unusual to have an irregular cycle after using hormonal contraception. The cycle may be irregular for up to a year, during which ovulation can occur both early and later in the cycle while also not occur at all. This is why you will get many red days in the beginning, and until your cycle becomes more regular. The app will always be able to give green days after ovulation, regardless of irregular cycle or breastfeeding. 

After a pregnancy
The cycle may be irregular after a pregnancy, and while/after breastfeeding. This means that ovulation may occur early in the cycle. This is why the app gives many red days in the beginning and until the cycle becomes a bit more regular again. The app will always be able to give green days after ovulation, regardless of irregular cycle or breastfeeding.