What are predictions?
Predictions are when the app shows you what your coming days/cycles might look like. The app bases your predictions on the data that you have entered (for example your temperatures, previous cycles and possible LH test results). This means that these things indicate that your coming days might look a certain way. However, if your data indicates that this is not the case this cycle, your predictions will change. 

Where can I see them?
You can see them here:
• The Daily status page - There you can see them just below your Daily status. It will say ”Predictions - don’t use as result”, and this refers only to your predictions for the coming week, and not for your Daily status. 
• Monthly view - These predictions are for the coming 1-5 cycles, depending on how long the app feels that it can give you predictions.

How long predictions will I have?
The length of your predictions in the Monthly view depends on your cycle (ir-)regularity, how long you have been using the app, and therefore how well the app knows you. If you usually see around 3 cycles ahead, and suddenly you only see 1, this is because of some irregularities in your cycle, and the app no longer feels comfortable giving you that long predictions. Just keep measuring, and your long predictions will return as soon as the app feels good about giving them to you.
The predictions on the home page will always be for the coming week.

Can I use the predictions to plan ahead?
You can use the predictions to get an idea of how the algorithm believes that your coming days will look. You can’t use your predictions as result because they are just predictions. No one can see into the future to 100% and they can always change. Always check you Daily status to see if your day is green or red.

What happens if they change?
If your predictions change, this is due to the fact that the data you have entered indicates that the future will not look the way that the app first predicted it might. It’s not something to worry about, since you always need to look at your Daily status to see if you are fertile or not, and the predictions are not meant to be used as result.