Can I ovulate (get pregnant) during my period?

Can I ovulate during my period?
Yes, if you have a shorter cycle or a highly irregular cycle it's possible to ovulate while you are still bleeding although it's not very common.
• A short cycle means that ovulation can naturally occur early on in the cycle. If you are bleeding for a long time combined with a short cycle, it's possible that you will ovulate while bleeding. 
• A highly irregular cycle combined with a longer period, the egg may be released early thus rendering a possibility of pregnancy from sex during your period.

This is why "I am on my period" is not a safe method of contraception. With Natural Cycles you will know exactly when you ovulate regardless of if you are still bleeding or not. This is also why Natural Cycles may give you red days, even if you are logging your period, due to the above factors.
Can I get pregnant during my period?
Yes, if a longer period (7-10 days) coincides with any of the above mentioned circumstances that could mean that your egg may be released and fertilized while you are still bleeding. This means that you can become pregnant from sex during your period, although the ovulation occurs later.

Can sperm survive in the menstrual blood?
Yes, the sperm may survive in the menstrual blood, making it possible for them to swim through it up to the fallopian tubes.
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For how long the does the period last? 
According to our Cycler's data, most women bleed for 1-4 days but it's of course highly individual for each woman and can last a different amount of days for each woman. Remember to always add your period for every day you are bleeding, and you can see under the Statistics page how long your period typically lasts.

When does ovulation occur during the cycle?
According to our Cycler's data, ovulation most often occurs on CD 17. This is however highly individual for each woman and cycle, as each cycle may differ from the other. In your Statistics page in the app, you can see exactly when your ovulation most often occurs. 

Will the app take an early ovulation into account?
Yes, the app takes factors such as cycle irregularity, length, and ovulation date to give you a proper prediction for this and coming cycles. This is why you may experience a lot of red days, along with red days during your period.