What is multiple ovulation/hyper ovulation?

What is multiple ovulation?
A woman can have multiple ovulations in a single cycle. This means that several eggs (most often two) are released from the ovaries. However, both eggs will be released within 24h from the first one. This is also known as hyper ovulation.

When does this occur?
As stated above, the eggs will be released within 24h from each other. There are no exceptions on this, unless you have a second uterus (which you would notice at your first ultra sound, if not when your first period arrives). This is since after ovulation the body produces the hormone progesterone, which has two purposes:
• Prohibits your body from ovulating again (for example the mini pill has progesterone in it to prohibit you from ovulating)
• Promote fetal growth during the first trimester (if conception took place).

What happens in the ovaries?
In most women, the ovaries takes turn in the releasing of an egg. When hyper ovulation occurs, both of the ovaries release an egg in the same cycle.

What causes it?
There are 4 common causes to why hyper ovulation occurs. 
• Genetics - It is common that fraternal twins run in the family on the mothers side. This is due to the fact that some women are prone to hyper ovulation.
• Medical conditions - Women with PCOS may not always have periods. The following cycle may very likely have hyper ovulations. 
• Medical treatments - When women is undergoing IVF treatment, or wants to donate her eggs, she is given hormonal stimulants to have hyper ovulations. The eggs are then removed to either be fertilized, or donated.
• Recently been on hormonal contraception - When being on hormonal contraception mainly work to prohibit ovulation from occurring, so when the woman’s body is trying to get back to ”normal”, she’s more likely to have hyper ovulations. 

How will the app know if I had multiple ovulations?
The app will not detect if you have hyper ovulations as your temperature work in the same way regardless. Hyper ovulations are only detected by ultra sound an/or when pregnant with fraternal twins.

However, it does not matter for the algorithm if you have hyper ovulations or not, since it will give you at least 1 red day after your ovulation is confirmed. Most often, it is your second or third high temperature that confirms ovulation and gives you green days, and by then the egg(-s) have already died, since they have a 24h life span.