Tips on remembering to measure your temperature

Measuring your temperature is probably new to you, so getting into the habit might take you a week or two - no worries.

We have gathered a few tips to keep you on track with measuring and get into the habit quickly. You will soon see that it will become second nature to you, much like brushing your teeth in the morning.

Tip 1: Activate your Reminders in the app.

Set a reminder to measure for ‘the night before’ or ‘in the morning’ so you don’t forget. You will then receive a silent push notification during the night, so once you check your phone in the morning it’s the first thing to pop up.

1. Go to your phone settings

2. Turn on and allow Natural Cycles to send you push notifications (this is very important as reminders will not work otherwise)

3. Go into the Natural Cycles app and press the Alarm bell icon in the top left hand corner. The icon always indicates whether your reminders are switched on or off.

4. Select the Reminders you wish to receive. You can change these settings at any time as needed.

Tip 2: Place your thermometer next to, or on top of, your phone before going to bed.

That way you can’t miss the thermometer when you wake up and reach for your phone.

Tip 3: Set a labelled alarm

Labelling your alarm to "Measure!" or "Thermometer!" can be a very good idea, and a small thing that may go a long way in adding more temperatures into the app.