What is the Follicular phase?

The Follicular phase is the first phase of the cycle, which starts with your period and ends with ovulation. During this phase, there's an increase of follicular simulating hormone (FSH) in the body, which makes the follicles mature and later on, the most mature follicle will release an egg. 

During the second half of the follicular phase, the estrogen levels also increase which makes the uterine lining (endometrium) create a thicker lining to prepare for the coming egg. The increased estrogen levels also create more cervical fluids, which will increase the PH level, thus improving the environment for the sperm, and help them travel up to the fallopian tubes to find the egg.

The temperature is low during the follicular phase, with an average temperature of 36.23 °C for our Cyclers. This is also the phase where you do LH testing.

How long is the follicular phase?
It's difficult to set an exact number, as the follicular phase may vary from cycle to cycle, but also from woman to woman. Our average Cycler has a follicular phase of 17 days.