Postpone period (add progesterone)

Some women may wish to postpone their period (by extending the luteal phase) for a number of reasons - most often done with adding progesterone to the body. This is okay to do with Natural Cycles, but there are some very important things to think about, as it affects your temperature and data.

As this also prolongs the luteal phase, this will create a longer cycle and thus affecting the statistics and the prediction. This will affect the prediction for the coming cycle, but it will regulate itself again after 1-2 cycles. For a Prevent user, this will mean more red days in the coming cycles. For a Plan user, this may mean more pink days in the coming cycles.

A few reasons to why one would want/need to postpone her period:
  • Luteal Phase Defect (LPD). Where the luteal phase is too short, making it very difficult to conceive
  • Due to wedding or traveling. Where the woman wishes to not have her period at the given time.
What happens in the body?
The period is postponed by adding progesterone into the body - by medicine. Progesterone is what your body naturally produces after ovulation, and is what increases your temperature. Progesterone also postpones the period, as it's what naturally tells the body that it's pregnant and no bleeding should occur. Due to this, you should not keep measuring your temperature unless the app has confirmed ovulation. If the app has confirmed ovulation, you can keep measuring your temperature as usually.

Extending the luteal phase may also cause the app to indicate a pregnancy, as your luteal phase is all of a sudden much longer than it usually is - the luteal phase is constant and the same length in each cycle. This is nothing to be alarmed about for a Prevent user, as you know the reason behind the longer cycle already.