I wake up during the night

If you tend to wake up frequently during the nights for whatever reason (bathroom, water, animal, or child), this may affect your readings and therefore your fertility status in the app. It doesn't have to be a problem, however!

The general rule of thumb is to keep in mind when you most often wake up, and how long you sleep in the different stages of the night. It's equally important to measure after the same amount of hours slept as it is to measure at the same time in the morning. 

If you only wake up for a short period of time and quickly fall back asleep, this will not affect your temperature and you can measure as normal at your alarm time.

So, it's all about mapping out your sleep and figure out what will work best for you. We'll give you two examples:

Jenna most often sleeps between 22.00 (10 pm) to 06 (am) - she should therefore always measure at 6.00 (am) or within a ±2h time frame. Jenna rarely wakes up to use the bathroom during the night.
If Jenna one morning were to wake up at 04 (am) to use the bathroom, she should measure at 04 (am) as it's within 2h from her normal wake up time, and she's been asleep for at least 4 consecutive hours before. If she were to wake up at 03 (am), or earlier, one night, 
we recommend that she continues measuring to keep up the habit but mark the temperature as deviating due to 'more/less sleep'.

Ellie wakes up almost every night to use the bathroom, so for her this is normal. Most often she sleeps between 23 (11 pm) to 03 (am), wakes up for the bathroom, and then falls back asleep until 6 (am). Ellie should then measure the first time she wakes up, around 3 (am), as she has been asleep for 4 consecutive hours, and she often wakes up around this time. 

Both women must measure their temperature before they get out of bed, and never measure again after being out of bed already. 

If you never sleep 4 consecutive hours, you can measure after the longest stretch of sleep you get during the night.