Measuring after a miscarriage or abortion

If you experience a miscarriage or have an abortion, there are some things to think about when it comes to measuring. We recommend that you continue measuring to keep up the habit but mark the temperature as deviating during the first 7 days afterward. After the first week, you can get back to measuring and adding data.

The bleeding you experience after a miscarriage or an abortion is not your natural period, but merely a bleeding induced by the ending of your pregnancy. Therefore, it should be logged as spotting in the app instead of period. The next time you bleed, this will be your natural period, and should, of course, be logged as period.

You can expect more red (for Prevent) or pink (for Plan) days in the beginning, as the cycle may be irregular for some time, but this will even out in time. Please remember that the general advice is to use condoms while you are bleeding after a pregnancy, to avoid the risk of infections.