Deviating temperature

Certain factors can affect your temperature such as sickness, alcohol and lack of sleep. We are indicating this as a ‘Deviating Temperature’, as it can skew your data and will cause you to have more red days - which none of us want.

So if you have any of these symptoms, and still wish to save your temperature in the app - you should always manually mark it as a ‘deviating’ temperature. The app will also automatically detect very high deviations the app, you will notice this as the temperature will have a strikethrough.

A ‘Deviating’ temperature is not taken into account by the algorithm behind the Natural Cycles app to calculate your green or red day. So the more 'normal' temperatures you enter the better your green day ratio are likely to be.

Factors that affect your temperature:
• 2h more/less sleep or woke up more than 2h earlier/later
• More than 2 glasses of wine or similar for dinner
• Drinks later during the night
• Using the bathroom during the night, or getting out of bed for water or similar.
• Intake of medication supainkillersillers and antibiotics during the night. (It is okay if you sleep 8h prior to measuring)
• If you have slept less than 4h before waking up (Read more about: I am tending to a child; I am breastfeeding)

We will also ask you the reason to why you're marking this temperature as deviating. What you choose will also be put as a comment for Today if you don't already have a comment for the day.