Colours and Symbols for Prevent

If you are using Natural Cycles to Prevent a pregnancy, the fertile window is presented in red and green days. The fertile days are a vibrant red color, and the non-fertile days are a vibrant green color. The contrast makes it easy to see fertile and non-fertile days, and where you are in your menstrual cycle.

On the Month tab you see monthly prediction of your coming cycles, this can range from 1-5 cycles based on your cycle regularity. Remember that future days in the monthly tab are a prediction  based on your historical data and is subject to change, so make sure you always check ‘TODAY’ to see your daily fertility status. 

The symbols will appear both for previous and predicted days. For example in the prediction you will see when you should test for LH, or when your period is expected. A checkmark in the bottom right corner shows which days you have entered data.

IMPORTANT: The prediction are based on your historical data and the data you’ve entered when you registered and can change depending on your future temperature data. Always look at TODAY to see if the current day is green or red.

In ‘TODAY you should check your daily fertility status. You can also easily access your temperature graph on the right and view your temperature entered for the day, on the left.
In the main circle of the TODAY page you can also see what other data you’ve entered for the day, for example spotting, intercourse, menstruation etc.

‘HISTORY’ simplifies your overview of data entered, as you can see all entered data for each day, together with both date (to the left) and cycle day (to the right).