Getting started after a pregnancy

The knowledge that you have been pregnant recently is valuable for the app to know, regardless of if your pregnancy went full term, or ended in a miscarriage or abortion. We advise users to start measuring one week after a miscarriage or abortion, roughly 2 months after a live birth when you are not breastfeeding, and 5 months after a live birth if you are breastfeeding full time. Read more about this here.

When signing up for Natural Cycles, you can enter if you have been pregnant recently and if your cycle has started yet or not.

With 'recent' we mean within the last 12 months. If you have gotten a period again, answer yes in the second picture, otherwise, you answer no.

Or when you are coming back to Natural Cycles after a pregnancy, you enter that the pregnancy has ended directly into the app, this is as the app already knows that you have been pregnant.

By entering this information, Natural Cycles will take it into account while getting to know you and your cycles again, and also provide you with relevant information. If your menstrual cycle has not kicked back in yet, you can still use Natural Cycles to know when your first ovulation occurs and when you can expect your first period.