Pink 'More data needed' days

The pink ‘more data needed’ days are days where more data is needed for the app to be able to determine your fertility status, just keep measuring!
It doesn't mean that you need to enter more data today, or for previous days, just that we need more a few more days to collect more data to analyze.

This is most often shown for new users, as the app hasn’t gotten to know you yet and don’t have an accurate fertility status for you yet, or for users with fluctuations in temperature and/or irregular cycles. It’s sole purpose is to make you keep measuring, so that the app can get more data to confirm whether ovulation has occurred yet or not.

What you can do is to check your graph and see if you have any fluctuating temperatures that may affect the data negatively. If you are on your very first cycle, there’s not much to do right now than to just keep measuring!

Please read this article to read more about how Natural Cycles detects your ovulation.