Calibrate thermometer

This function in the app will help you and the app make sure that you’re measuring properly and that your thermometer works as it should! If you’re measuring incorrect or if your thermometer isn’t working as it should, it could lead to an unnecessary amount of days where the app can not correctly determine your fertility status.


To calibrate you need to measure your temperature 3 times in a row and enter the values in the app. Here is step by step instructions with few tips and tricks:
! Always measure in the same place and the same way for the best results, and make sure you're sitting or lying down, and haven't been up and about for the last 20 minutes!

Put the thermometer far back and under your tongue, and only then click on the start-button. Remember to keep your mouth closed during the whole calibration process, to avoid cool air affecting the readings! Place the thermometer under your tongue again directly after checking the result.
The thermometer will show you different values every time you measure.
This is normal, since our temperature shifts, and also the thermometer gets warmer every time you measure. This is why it’s important to measure in the same place in your mouth when measuring, not only for calibrating the thermometer, but also when measuring every morning.


The results and what they mean.

When you’re done, the app will tell you if the calibration succeeded or if something might be wrong with how you measure, or your thermometer. The result you will get is:

Calibration succeeded:  then everything is perfect and you should just keep doing what you’re doing.

Calibration uncertain:  When the result shows “calibration uncertain”, you should first re-do the procedure and try again, as the result was borderline. Make sure you follow the instructions and measure correctly and in the same way all the three times. The second time you calibrate after getting the uncertain result, you should either get success or fail.

Calibration failed: When your temperature shifts more than 0.3° degrees Celsius (or 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit) between the measurements, something may be up with the way you're measuring. Make sure to follow the above instructions, and try again.
It is important to detect such issues early on as you otherwise might get too high day-to-day temperature variations for Natural Cycles to be able to detect your ovulation.

If the results indicate that your thermometer is broken, the app will urge you forward the coming steps to ensure that you have a working one.