Colors and symbols for Plan

In Plan a Pregnancy, the fertile window is presented in a scale of red colors, where the most fertile day has the darkest shade of red, and the lightest red color indicates 'fertility unlikely'. (See picture below.) As we wanted the fertile days to stand out very clear we used the contrast between the light green/gray and a vibrant red.

The pink days are days where more data is needed for the app to be able to exclude or confirm fertility. This just means that you need to keep measuring for the coming days, don't worry. Non-fertile days are presented in light green color.

On the Month tab you see monthly prediction of your coming cycle, this can range from 1-5 cycles based on your cycle regularity. Remember that future days in the monthly tab are a forecast based on your historical data and is subject to change, so make sure you always check ‘TODAY’ to see your daily fertility status. 

You will also be able to see LH, period, ovulation, and pregnancy tests icons in TODAY, but also when you log intercourse and spotting which is something that only appears in TODAY. 

Graph view is useful to get an overview of your temperature data, and you will also see how the red color changes according to your fertility.