Traveling while using Natural Cycles

You can keep measuring even while traveling, just remember that Natural Cycles requires an internet connection in order for you to be able to add data. If you will not have access to the internet during your trip you can still measure your temperature, write them down on your phone, and then just add them into the app once you have internet connection again.
If you travel across several time zones and experience jet lag then we recommend you mark your temperatures as deviating until after the first night of sleep after arrival. After you have adjusted to the new time schedule, you should measure as usual when you wake up in the morning. Remember to always mark your temperature as deviating if you feel hungover or if you have slept less than usual, or had a sleep-in.

It’s also good to know that traveling can be stressful on the body, which means that it can sometimes affect your cycle and cause a delayed ovulation for instance, and therefore a bit more irregular cycles.