Basics for using Natural Cycles

To get started with Natural Cycles you will need the following:

1. Natural Cycles account
You can access Natural Cycles via your web browser, by visiting www.naturalcycles.com.
Download the Natural Cycles app through the App Store or through Google Play.

2. Basal thermometer
If you don't have a Natural Cycles basal thermometer (it's included in the yearly deal), order one from our webshop, or go to your nearest pharmacy to purchase one.

3. LH test (optional)
Natural Cycles will recommend you to take an LH test (ovulation test) a few times per cycle on the days leading to your expected ovulation. This is an optional feature. We especially recommend you to take ovulation tests if you are planning a pregnancy as it helps pinpoint your most fertile days. You'll find Natural Cycles Ovulation tests in our webshop.