Faulty Thermometer

Is your thermometer giving up on you? 
Before you reach out to us, please check the following:

That you are measuring according to instructions.

What is Lo? 
‘Lo’ means low temperature, and not low battery – so no worries of you see this text after just a few days of measuring. The reason it says ‘LO’ sometimes is because room temperature is roughly 21 degrees, which is ‘LO’ for our basal thermometer. Body temperature should be around 35.80–36.90 degrees.
Any higher than above 37.00 indicate a fever or that you have slept differently, while any lower than 35.6 indicate that you've measured incorrectly, and we recommend that you do not enter the value into the app. Remember to always place your thermometer under your tongue before you press ON.

If the battery is empty.
If your thermometer doesn't beep or start, please see instructions here on how to change the battery. You can purchase a new battery here.

I’ve measured twice and thermometer shows two different temperatures? Something wrong with it? 
Our basal thermometer is super sensitive, in order to capture the minute changes in your temperature. With every reading your body’s temperature will naturally rise, and so the first reading is likely to come out lower than the next. There is no need to measure twice as the first reading will be the closest to your actual resting temperature.

Testing of functionality: If you are worried about how you measure, or the thermometer function, use the Calibrate thermometer function within the app.

Other issues
Should you have issues with other flaws of the thermometer such as blinking display, loose power-button or anything else that is "abnormal", please do reach out as we are keen on giving you the best service and ensuring accuracy of your measurements.

! Shipping fees for returns/reclamations are paid by customer.