Using Natural Cycles when you have irregular cycles

Natural Cycles accurately captures every woman's unique cycle patterns by taking cycle irregularity, temperature fluctuations, recent usage of hormonal contraception, ovulation day variation, sperm survival and several other important factors into consideration to provide a tailor-made solution for each individual.

Menstrual cycles are not necessarily regular, small irregularities are quite common! Bigger irregularities can occur due to a number of factors related to health and lifestyle, such as:

  • Illness/Medicine

  • Recent use of hormonal contraception

  • Stress

  • Travel

  • Extensive use of alcohol/smoking/drugs

  • Competitive sport

  • Accidents/shock

  • Abnormal BMI

  • Severe diets

If you have recently been on hormonal contraception, it is likely that your cycle will be out of balance and highly irregular for up to a year. To capture your unique cycle pattern from the start, try and answer the questions upon registration to the best of your knowledge.  


Tip: If you are a planning a pregnancy and have irregular cycles it is good to combine temperature data with LH tests (ovulation tests), so that you won't miss your most fertile days in the cycle.

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