Using Natural Cycles with Endometriosis

Can I use Natural Cycles with my endometriosis?If you’re not on any hormonal treatment for your endometriosis, Natural Cycles will work as normal. You can always track your cycles and symptoms with Natural Cycles Prevent.

Here is a quick checklist on what to think of if you know you have endometriosis and want to start with Natural Cycles:

• If you have bleedings in between your period, enter these as "spotting" and not "menstruation", as the menstruation bleeding starts a new cycle.
• If you use painkillers during your experienced symptoms you will be OK as long as you have had a full nights sleep since you took your last pill.
• If you use painkillers in the middle of the night at any time, mark the temperature as deviating the following morning, as the painkillers might affect your basal body temperature.