Period or Spotting?

The main difference between period and spotting is that period is a moderate to heavy flow and occurs at the end of your cycle and marks the start of the new one, spotting is some light bleeding shortly after ovulation or at other points during your cycle. Spotting is not to be confused for a period. 

What is period?
Your period is the days when you need to use a pad, tampon, or period cup, etc, for the bleeding. It is very important that you press 'Period' for each day that you are bleeding, as the app needs to know when your new cycle starts, and also in order for the app to be able to give you a correct prediction for your coming cycles. 
If you have light bleedings after your period, you should continue logging it as a period for as long as you are bleeding.

The period lasts 4 days on average for our Cyclers (see more in your Statistics of the app), but this is, of course, unique for each woman and cycle.

Read more here about the period and what it is.

What is spotting?
Spotting is a very light bleeding, most often just pink-ish fluids, or a few drops of blood, that you may see when visiting the bathroom or on the toilet paper. Spotting usually occurs after ovulation, as the release of the egg may release some blood and other fluids from the follicle. During these days, you may need to use a panty liner. Spotting is a data point that the algorithm doesn't take into account when calculating your fertility status, but is there for you only.

Spotting may also occur during a pregnancy and can be logged as spotting during that time as well. If you are experiencing bleedings during your pregnancy and feel uncertain, we advise you to consult your OB/GYN.

I have some bleedings before my period actually starts, how should I log that?
You may experience some light bleedings before your period, which is called spotting and should be logged according to the above guidelines. It is very important that you log these very light bleedings as 'spotting', and to log 'period' when the bleeding increases in flow.