Shipping information

We aim to ship orders within 24h during business days after ordering, to ensure a quick delivery. We have logistic centers in Brazil, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S so how long the delivery time is, depends on where you live and what you have ordered. Below you can see how long it may take for your order to arrive (the ETA is in business days). 

All webshop orders are sent from Sweden as this is where we have our warehouse with these products. 

You can find which countries that we do not send to here.


ETA for the thermometer included in the subscription
Country ETA Tracking code
Brazil * 10 YES
Canada 30 NO
Europe 8 NO
Oceania 30 NO
Scandinavia 6 NO
The United Kingdom** 6 NO
The United States *** 7 YES
Rest of the world 30 NO         

* Celsius thermometer only. This thermometer is not branded by Natural Cycles. The envelope is not branded.
**  This ETA is for the thermometer only, web orders are up to 8 business days. Celsius thermometer only and is branded by Natural CyclesThe envelope is branded.

*** This ETA is for the thermometer only, web orders are up to 30 business days. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius and is branded by Natural Cycles. The envelope is not branded.


ETA for webshop orders
Area                                            ETA      Tracking code                
Scandinavia * 6 NO
Europe 8 NO
Rest of the world 30 NO

* Sweden - Depending on the size of the package you will be able to track the package and the tracking code should be sent by PostNord

Customs info: 
Keep in mind that an additional customs fee can be requested by your country’s customs department, depending on what is ordered and the size of the order, and also which country you live in. We do not cover this as the fee is directed to the recipient. Please check your country’s customs law before ordering from the webshop.

Express shipping:
We do not offer any type of express shipping due to
 us selling/sending medical devices and with an express shipping alternative, it can lead to an extra customs fee that we do not cover. 

Info about the package:
Dimensions: 120x175x20mm
Including a Get Started booklet, with basic information for you.