Shipping information

We aim to ship orders within 24h during working days, to ensure that you get it quickly. We have logistic centers in Brazil, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S. Below you can see how long it may take for your order to arrive (ETA in working days), but it may differ for each country.

Shipping information
Country ETA Tracking code
Brazil * 10 YES
Canada 30 NO
Europe 8 NO
Oceania 30 NO
Scandinavia 5 NO
United Kingdom 5 NO
United States ** 7 YES
Rest of the world 30 NO

* Celsius thermometer only. This thermometer is not branded by Natural Cycles. Envelope is not branded.
** This thermometer is branded for Natural Cycles, and measures both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Only thermometer orders. Envelope is not branded.

Info about the package:
Dimensions: 120x175x20mm
Including a Get Started booklet, with basic information for you.