Pregnancy detection

Natural Cycles can be used to plan a pregnancy, as the detection of the ovulation window has been shown to have a similar accuracy as comparable methods.

After ovulation, your temperature rises due to the release of the hormone progesterone. If conception occurred, progesterone continues to be produced to help the development of the fetus. Thus, you will see your temperature remain elevated even after your expected period.

Example of a chart when you have become pregnant.


Natural Cycles recognizes that conception has occurred and will prompt you to take a pregnancy test for confirmation. Once you indicate a positive pregnancy test, Natural Cycles will transform to your needs. Instead of the daily fertility status, you will see what week you are in, a countdown to how many days you have left in your pregnancy, conception and due date. The app's colours are now blue, which is the pregnancy colour. 

 During the first trimester of your pregnancy, we highly recommend continuing to measure your temperature, as Natural Cycles can, in some cases, detect a risk of miscarriage.

As a precaution, the app detects if your temperatures are low, which could be due to a change in your hormones. In this case, you will then get a message where we would recommend you to talk to a healthcare professional.