Planning a pregnancy with Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles gives women the skills they need to track and get to know their unique cycles better so that when she is ready to conceive she can time intercourse and maximize her chances.

There are 2-3 days per cycle when a woman has the highest chances of conceiving, which is around ovulation day. Ovulation day is the phase of the menstrual cycle when an egg (oocyte) is released from the ovaries and can be fertilized by sperm. By analyzing a woman's basal body temperature (BBT) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels (optional) the Natural Cycles algorithm can find ovulation day and the days when you are the most likely to get pregnant to increase your chances of conception.

Fertility is a continuum, which means everyone’s chances are different and many factors can influence your chances at any given time.

 By understanding where you fall on the continuum and why with the help of fertility trackers, you can take action and seek advice if necessary.