When can I start after being on other contraception?

You can start with the measuring after at least 5 days after quitting your hormonal contraception. Please note that it may take some time for your first ovulation or period to show up again, as irregular cycles are very common after having used hormonal contraception. Below you will see some information regarding quitting a few different methods and what to expect. If you get a bleeding after quitting your hormonal contraception, fill it in as spotting as it's not the equivalent to your period and should not be confused.

Until your first ovulation is detected, expect many red days as a Prevent user, and many pink days as a Plan user.

Please note that you can use Natural Cycles Prevent along with the IUD (coil), and can start at any time after taking it out.
You can use Natural Cycles with the IUD, both copper or hormonal, as it generally does not prevent ovulation from happening. Natural Cycles will therefore still be able to detect ovulation and tell you when your next period will show up (if applicable).
You can start with measuring as soon as you have a basal thermometer and an account.

If you want to Plan a pregnancy, you can start with Natural Cycles at any time, before or after removing the IUD.

IMPORTANT: Do not measure while still using hormonal contraception, as the hormones affect your temperature and cycles. The hormones, in general, work to inhibit ovulation and also affect your body temperature making it impossible to combine with Natural Cycles.

If you want to wait until your natural menstruation comes back and start with the measuring then, you can do so as well, of course.

After quitting the pill (combined or mini)
Complete all active pills and wait 5 days before you start with Natural Cycles.

After quitting the vaginal ring
You can start with Natural Cycles 5 days after removing the ring.

Quitting the depo shot
The depo shot is normally active for 12 weeks. Once the 12 weeks have passed, wait at least a week to start measuring with Natural Cycles.

After the implant
Once you removed the implant wait at least a week before you start measuring with Natural Cycles.

After the patch
Wait one week after you remove the patch before you start measuring.